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Welcome to our trip. We'll be departing westbound from Edmonton on Highway 16 or 16A (via the Yellowhead or Stony Plain road). From there it's about an hour's drive if you're going the speed limit or 45 minutes at Matt speed. Isle lake is not too far after the turn-off to Wabamun which you'll see in the map below.

A good indicator it's time to get off highway 16 is the sulphur mine. It's a right on the first road after that, and is marked both for Darwell and Isle Lake.

X marks the spot
Arrow means turn in this direction

Note that north is always up... unless you turn the paper sideways or upside-down in which case I can't help you.

Here's the fun part. There's a narrow sign on the right side of the road pointing to "Isle Lake" which is where you'll be turning right. Looks like the actual turn-off is to secondary highway 765 on the way to Darwell. At Darwell we'll be turning left onto secondary highway 633 Which we'll take all the way to the Lutheran campground. Follow the roads at the camp until you get to the point beach which has two piers and a playground -- we're the first site up the road and you should see my car there.

Turn-off from highway 16. The sign that points to Isle Lake is a narrow one so watch for signs saying secondary highway 765 or Darwell and make sure not to miss the turn. From the looks of it if you get to Fallis or Gainford you've gone too far, if you turn around then and hit Wabamun you've come too far back.

Turn from secondary highway 765 to secondary highway 633. From memory it's the first and only stop sign you'll come across and is a 4-way in the middle of the town. Don't buy stuff here, there's a better place on the other side of the lake we can visit on Saturday if need be. 633 follows the lake after a while and you should see some farms and a small residential strip shortly before your turn-off to the Lutheran Campground. You'll know you've gone too far if you hit the end of the lake, Jasper, or China.

This part's fairly simple. Just follow the roads around until you hit the pointiest part of the lake. There's a small beach here with two piers, a playground, and some large tires with the first campsite nearby being ours. I've also arranged additional sites if we need to give anyone a time-out.

That's it. I'll have my cell available so call if you're lost. Numbers are:

Matt - 668-8400
Chris - 984-2211